Make More Video (a VLOG)

It’s a different kind of post today.

I’ve decided to commit myself to making more video.  I absolutely love the medium and I want to get better at making it.  Everything from speaking to filming to editing. All of it.

Below is my first VLOG about this Make More Video effort.  I talk about filming in slow motion, some nerdy camera stuff, and the importance of music.

It’s unscripted, a bit technical and I do ramble BUT it’s only 2 and a half minutes so what do you have to lose?

I also (accidentally) wound up with an ending to the video that I really like. I hope you like it too.

Oh Bill

The documentary on Bill Gates’ life was really interesting but one part I found a bit disappointing.

Bill funded and advised a startup developing a new, small scale nuclear reactor.  The reactor had the potential to provide massive benefits to remote populations, reduce emissions and reduce fossil fuel use.  It was safer than existing reactor technology and could have made a real impact.  Unfortunately the project suffered a set back when US/China trade issues developed under Trump.

I was disappointed because they seemed to make no effort to share their work with people who could have continued.  So many positive things could have come from continuing to move forward.   Why was it more important to maintain control than to make sure things continued?

It looks like the project is still going, but if they had found a way around the setback, would we be closer to all those positive benefits today?

What’s more important, fixing the problem or staying in control?

The Blockchain Problem

It’s a video kinda Friday.  Check out my thoughts on a big limitation of blockchain technology.