Big Social

If you’re making content don’t use a major social media site as your foundation.  What I mean is don’t make it the place that you exclusively post your stuff and engage with your audience.

Here’s Why

These platforms are intentionally addictive.  All of the features and user interface are designed to keep someone using the app.

Seems great, right?  The app works hard to bring an audience for the creator.

Here’s the Problem…

The way to keep someone using these apps is to feed them content they will like.  The app choses what to show a user through a content algorithm.  It’s a bit of a black box, but it basically takes tons of data to suggest content that is likely to be appealing to that person.  The algorithm is constantly changing and as a content creator, it’s very difficult to please.  So the chances are slim that the algorithm will consistently feed the user YOUR content.  This means that while you may get eyeballs for a moment, it’s unlikely to continue feeding that user your stuff.

But You Can Still Use Big Social

If you have a place that you can drive people to (website, blog, etc.), big social is a great place for marketing.  Just duplicate some of your content and put it there with a call to action to leave the site.  If someone really likes your stuff, and really cares, they will click away from the addictive social media site.  Those are the people you want to interact with.