In The Moment

Ever have a great conversation where:

  • there were lots of notable points and takeaways;
  • all parties were undistracted and really engaged;
  • but afterwards you couldn’t recall all the details?

And so the next time you tried to take notes, and when you did:

  • it was difficult to keep good notes AND stay engaged;
  • you found the note taking to be distracting and inefficient?

There’s a few overlapping issues:

  1. For most people, conversational speech falls in somewhere between 150-180 words per minute.
  2. If you’re trying to type notes, the average typing speed is around 40 words per minute.
  3. The average handwriting speed is 13 words per minute.

With such a spread between the action and the ability to record it, it’s no wonder it’s hard to do both well.

For awhile I’ve been looking for a solution, and I recently tried a transcription software.  I have to say, the results were great.  While the transcription is not perfect, the software I’m using also captures an audio recording so it’s easy to go back after the fact for clarity.  I find I’m more engaged in conversation again and I’m not worried about missing anything.

Despite how distracted we tend to be by modern technology, the right tool applied in the right way can be incredibly powerful.