I think email is great.  It’s one of a few standard ways of exchanging information over the internet that anyone can use.  As an open web protocol it’s a powerful tool that connects all of us.

But email is also abused.  I find I have to fight pretty hard to keep my inbox from filling up with crap I never wanted.  I am constantly unsubscribing from email marketing that I couldn’t even recall signing up for.

What’s happening?  People aren’t asking for permission.

I’m ok if someone wants to keep in touch, but I don’t like the sneaky tactics.  Don’t default to opt in.  Don’t bury your intentions in the fine print.   Nobody likes sneaky, don’t try to hide it.  You don’t earn trust that way, and trust is what you want.

Here’s what you can do: be forward, honest and clear.  Make your case to keep in touch, tell me exactly how you’re going to do it, and make it my option to opt in:

“This is who I am, here’s exactly what I’d like to send you and how often, are you interested?”

Do this or please stay the eff out of my inbox!