Pride of Ownership

Owning things is a big part of modern culture.  Human history hasn’t always been about ownership, although the last several hundred years has been very focused on it.

But do you still need to own things?  The connected economy has supercharged the culture of temporary ownership.  From private jets to baby gear it’s never been easier to have something without needing to own it forever.  Either rent it when you need it, or buy it, use it and re-sell it.

This empowerment of the renter is changing our culture.  People care less about collecting stuff.  They see it as a waste of their time and resources.  They see the negative effect on the environment.

But there’s still the importance of pride of ownership.  Even if you’re a renter or a temporary owner, you’d probably hope that at least the person who used the “thing” before you cared about it.  Otherwise things become objects of neglect, abuse and destruction.  If at the very least we care about the environment, we should want things to last as they change hands.

So if we’re not going to own things, let’s at least encourage pride of usership.  The better we care for things, the more likely they are to last as they get handed along.  Let’s shift towards owning only the things we really need, and caring for the things we use temporarily.  This is the best combination for the future.