Smooth Brew

I’ve always loved video.  I started making videos when I was a kid with my neighbours.  We used to get together and come up with some story that we thought was hilarious, film it on an old Sony Handycam, then force our parents to sit and watch it as we howled in laughter.

Unfortunately, making video with good production value used to be really expensive.  I remember making a skateboarding video in high school that took the school’s huge editing booth and I’m sure wildly expensive editing and camera equipment to put together, and it still didn’t look that great.  Thankfully, it’s never been easier to make good video, and it’s never been more relevant, given how much video content we consume daily.

I’ve been making a bunch of videos for various projects these days.  My brother-in-law is the part owner in a cool little island brewery and I made a quick video of the brew process.  Hope you enjoy and then go make your own video!