Steal This Article

Steal anything you want from this blog.  Take the words, take the images, take the ideas, take anything.  Do it and pass it off as your own.

I don’t have the resources to mount any sort of meaningful defence, to protect my intellectual property.  I also don’t care.

The internet is full of copied and pasted information.  I’d be flattered if mine ended up spreading, in fact that’s why I’m putting this stuff here.  The internet has helped me learn from others, apply myself, and I’m compelled to share again.

So take whatever you want from this blog, but please at least iterate on it by adding your own thoughts and your own experience.  Use it to make something even better.

Just remember this:

  • The ideas are useless if you don’t have the experience it took to come up with them.
  • The words are useless if you can’t write any more.