The Engagement Hurdle

It seems like many people measure success by engagement on big social media platforms.  They want more likes, more followers and more comments.

But are likes, followers and comments quality engagement?

Imagine that you’re working on something you’re really passionate about.  You make a video and post it on YouTube.  After sharing the link with a few friends and family you start to get some views, likes and comments.

It feels good to share it but there are a few problems.

First, how to you know that engagement is people who care about your project and not just people who care about you?  Mom or a good friend will always be supportive.

This kind of engagement is nice, but is that who you are trying to reach?

Second, how do you know it’s not just lazy engagement?  Most people are comfortable using sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.  Those sites make liking, subscribing and commenting a zero friction process.  We all know people who follow, like and comment on everything.

Are these the people you’re trying to reach?

So what is quality engagement?

You really want people who are truly interested in what you’re doing.  They’re the ones who have been waiting for a product, project or story like this.  To find these people, you need to setup an engagement hurdle that requires them to make a small effort to navigate away from that comfortable social scrolling.

You need to say: “There’s more over here, it’s just a small effort to come check it out.”

If you can entice their curiosity and get them to navigate away from their “just-because-it’s-you” likes and “lazy” engagement, you’ve got a small win.

If they’re not even willing to make the jump, it says that what you’re trying to share either isn’t clear, or they’re just not that interested.

Not clear you need to fix.  Not interested you don’t want.

When curiosity snaps someone out of the mindless infinite scroll, it means something.  Once you get their attention, it’s yours to decide what to do with it next.  Just make sure there’s something more for them when they arrive at your doorstep.