This is 40

A few years ago when my mom came to visit she left a box of old VHS & Hi-8 tapes with me.  Over the years she had kept them and regularly asked if she should throw them out.  I always told her to keep them.  They were mostly home videos of my friends and I skateboarding.  I thought one day they’d be fun to re-watch.

The tapes sat in my basement for a while but eventually I got all the necessary bits to watch them on my computer.  Most of the tapes as I remembered were skateboarding, but I also found footage from my dad’s 40th birthday party.  He’s 75 now, but there he was at the exact age I am, with so many things yet to happen in his life.

I was curious.

I wondered what it would be like for 40 year old me to converse with 40 year old dad.  In many ways I’m sure he’d be exactly the same.  If we could line up our ages and stages in life, how might the conversation be different?  What would we talk about?  The video, with its terrible sound, bad lighting and pixelated image had a powerful effect.

I’m trying to create more content, trying to be authentic, and really trying to share.  Maybe on my kids 40th birthdays they will want to see their dad at that same point in time.  Maybe it will give them a glimpse into who he was before the future happened.  Many of us get that curiosity and wonder where we came from, and I hope creating some more artifacts today will help them in the future.

I might ask my dad to start making videos for me to watch when I turn 75…