What You Don’t Know About Your Inbox

Writers go to great lengths to control their writing environments.  They often choose quiet, simple spaces with minimal distraction.  Less distraction enables focus and flow.

It’s not likely you’re trying to write a novel, but we all write.  In fact if you do any type of office or knowledge work, you’re probably spending many hours per week writing email.  Over the course of the year, you could be writing the equivalent of a novel or two.

But email programs are not optimized for writing, they’re designed doing all things email.  Emails can be written, edited, saved, sent, received, forwarded, edited, searched and organized.  Email programs have to do it all.

So in terms of being a workspace for writing, email programs actually aren’t that great.  They’re basically the equivalent of having a writing desk setup in a busy mail room.  Imagine trying to write a book in that environment.  I hope if your email communication is important, you’re finding the right space to compose it in.