What’s Your Experience?

In a sea of information and opinion, it’s a big challenge to find a voice with valuable experience.  Here are a few ways I look at experience to decide how valuable it is.

Personal vs. Others – You were either there and did it, or not.  I think personal experience is almost always more valuable.  There’s only so much you can truly understand when you haven’t done something directly.

Old vs. Recent – How fresh is the experience?  Did it happen recently or has a long time passed?  Recent experience tends to be more vivid and emotionally charged.  Experience from a long time ago can be faded but more objectively clear.  In some ways I think recent can be more relevant since context changes over time, but I’m not sure it’s guaranteed “better”.

One Time vs. Frequent – How many times have you had the experience.  If I am looking for advice or guidance from someone with experience, I’ll take frequent over one time all day long.  That is of course if I can get it.