Your ToDo List Sucks

I had always been able to juggle my todos in my head.  But pretty quickly after I started my first full time job I had so much going on at work that I was overwhelmed.  I was  missing things and some of them were critical.  People noticed.

I started a todo list, but it wasn’t long before it became so lengthy that it was useless.  It was pages and pages of things that seemed important, but weren’t necessarily actionable.  It was impossible to work from.  I was still f*%ked.

Then I read a book that changed my life called Getting Things Done by David Allen.  The author offers a simple but extremely helpful method for organizing a list of Todos.  It was a lot of up front work to move over to his system, but it had a massive impact and basically solved my problem.

My mind was free (what I did with it of course is another story).

Here’s the Getting Things Done cheat sheet:

If you have anything but a clean, clear, short list of Todos, and it’s giving you anxiety at night (or any time) I highly recommend you check out this book.